Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Playground Workout

What's more fun than a sunny day at the park? My doggie is quite the avid retriever, so we have to go to the park regularly so he can fetch his ball. Luckily our local park is often deserted on the weekends, which allows for my dog and me to run wild and free. We walk/sprint to the park and then I throw his ball as far as I can (pretending I'm throwing rocks to hunt the birds flying by- hah). In between his fetching, I sometimes do squats, lunges, pushups, stretching, etc on the grass.

I am trying to bring more playful and primal moves into my life. So I thought after my dog exhausted himself running after his ball, I would incorporate the adjacent "jungle gym" into our park visits. Luckily, the playground is also lonely on weekends. Where are all the kiddos? Probably inside playing Nintendo or whatever.

The playground is a great place to work out the upper bod especially. I did pull ups (crappy) on the bars, slid down the slides for some fun, tried to swing like a monkey, step ups and sit ups on the steps, did some crawling around and climbing over. I was only bummed that my dog wouldn't go down the slides with me. I tried to force him, but he almost outweighs me. Oh well.

Later I did a little searching on google and youtube and found some great ideas for more structured exercises using the playground equipment. A nice fun way to enjoy the outdoors in the city and get some different kinds of movements in. Check it out!

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