Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sorry! But I'm back!

Hi kids! I'm back!

Did you think I moved into a cave without internet access? Well, no. I was just being a lazy bad blogger. I bet no one missed me anyway...

But I'm here and I have some catching up to do.

Let's go back a few months, because I want to share some pics I took on my wild ride through Europe. I was in Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris and London a few months ago and I visited a lot of markets for you. Just for you. Really! It wasn't for the cheeses, I swear it!

Of course everyone knows the food and markets in Europe are awesome. The flowers, the veggies, the cheeses..oh sorry. Anyway, on my visits to the food markets I realized how spoiled I am in California. Because you know what? Our farmers markets are the best! We have the most amazing fruits and veggies, and so many varieties. We are really lucky with our climate, our ethnic diversity and our many demanding foodies.

But one thing that I noticed Europe does better is meat and cheese at the market. In Southern California you do have cheese and meat offerings but not really at the level I saw in Europe. But I think that is changing, my local farmer's market in Santa Monica now has at least 5 different meat purveyors offering everything from bison to duck to oysters. That's nice!

Okay, enough blabbering. Here are a few pics!

My buddy at the fishmonger in a Paris market. You can see that it was a little chilly.

HUGE white asparagus at another Paris farmer's market. 
I'm sorry but I could never eat this, it looks too creepy.

De Kaaskamer in Amsterdam.
I look annoyed, but that is just because I didn't buy any cheese.
And also because I am all soaked from the rain.

They had bacon at the farmer's market in London. 
By that I mean they were actually cooking bacon at the market. Mmm!

This is something you do NOT see in California. 
A wine vendor at the farmer's market in Paris! Awesome!!!

Market near Versailles.
Nothing says Spring like chanterelles, morels, and raspberries.

Well, there's a little tour through some of the markets. Yummy stuff!

Enjoy the day and happy August! xox