Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thai Coconut Curry

Yummy! I love Thai food! The sweet and spicy and savory and salty and sour mix is just right. Sadly, much Thai food in Americanized restaurants here in the US is just too darn sugary for me. So, I try to make it at home to save on the random additions of weird ingredients.

I love Thai curry with coconut milk. Lately, I have been making it with fish or shrimp, but you can use any meat or make it just with veggies. Mmmm. I don't follow recipes, I'm too much of a rebel, but here is generally how I make it.

Open can of coconut milk. Scoop out some of the coconut cream on top and throw in a frying pan. Throw in a spoonful of Thai red curry paste, to taste. I often use Taste of Thai just because I can find it anywhere. But Mai Ploy is much better if you can find it at an Asian grocery. Let it cook on medium heat for a time, to let the flavors in the curry paste meld with the coconut oils. Pour in some of the coconut milk, to taste. Throw in your veggies or your meats first, whichever takes longest to cook. Lately I have been making it with zucchini and kale, I throw the zucchini in first then add the kale. Add water or more coconut milk while cooking depending on how you like the sauciness and consistency. Cook up until all is done. I throw in the fish or shrimp at the last minute cuz they cook so fast. I add some basil, cilantro and some lemon or lime juice and eat it up! Yum! Sorry for the blurry pic - it was steaming hot.

I like this meal because it is so yummy and gives you a little of everything you need. A little veg, a little protein, a little fat and a lot of exciting flavor.

I also make basically the same thing with green curry paste and add serranos for extra heat. You can add whatever you want to the mix. My favorite veggies with a red curry are red bell peppers and broccoli. I adore red bell peppers but I try to only buy them in season and they are not available right now.

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  1. Curry is great! It's one of my lazy day clean out the pantry meals because I always have some coconut milk and curry paste in the pantry and some frozen veggies in the freezer. Just add in whatever meat is on hand and dinner is served in 20 minutes or less.