Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just trying to make you drool!

I went to a wacky birthday party this weekend. Before the craziness really started we went to - yes - korean bbq again!! It has become a bit of a tradition among this group of buddies whenever there is something to celebrate.

I took a pic of the meat on the grill just to make you drool! That is a big piece of kimchee on my plate. Mmm...I lOVE THEIR SALAD. It is the best!
By the way, I was thinking that there is something very primal about the korean bbq. No- not just because it is meat on the fire. Because you have to share and everyone is grabbing at the meat like it is their last meal. You have to fight for your dinner. hehe!

I can't believe I was vegetarian for 10 years! I love me some good meat. haha! Maybe I am just making up for lost time?


  1. I try to eat vegetarian but I LOVE meat too. So, that just means I'm a bad vegetarian, ha ha. Oh my gosh, I so know what you mean about people grabbing at food like you couldn't just order more. People are so crazy!

  2. Hahaha!! I'll stab someone with a chopstick if they try and steal my meat.

  3. korean BBQ looks great. i'll have to try it.