Monday, August 3, 2009

Primal Blueprint Challenge

Happy August and happy Monday everyone! I'm back from a wild weekend in Las Vegas and ready to begin the 30 day primal challenge! Yay!

What is this challenge I speak of? Click here for more...

I pretty much already follow the 10 primal laws, but I figure a challenge can't hurt right?

What are these 10 laws? In nutshell:

1. Eat lots of plants and animals
2. Avoid poisonous things
3. Move frequently at a slow pace
4. Lift heavy things
5. Sprint once in a while
6. Get adequate sleep
7. Play
8. Get adequate sunlight
9. Avoid stupid mistakes
10. Use your brain

Through this month I will let you how I am better implementing these rules. For now I will say I need to focus on laws 2 through 6.

Laws 2 and 6 - well, I do love me some chocolate, and staying up too late at night! Those two bad habits kind of go together actually. As far as laws 3, 4 and 5 - I do OK but can always do better. I'm going to try to get more exercise in, or at least lift heavier weights. I'm moving this month, and furniture lifting counts right? haha!!

Anyone else in on this challenge with me? I don't want to be all alone here!!! Come on!!! Let's do it! :)


  1. I am all over this challenge, sistah! Grok on! ;D

  2. Hi! Glad you survived your wild weekend! Chocolate is poison? So sad...

  3. Elizabeth - Yay!!!! I'm so glad you are in it too!! :)

    Carrie - Hi! no not too bad poison :) haha! Just don't eat too much! Girl, I am so tired!! Check fb for scary pics...

  4. I'm in...I gotta lose that last inch or 2 around the belly...

  5. Hi Mark- Yay! I'm glad you are in too! I am hoping we can win some of the prizes.

  6. I'm right there with ya! Sleep is a big one for me too, I am a total night owl! Grok on!

  7. Thank Krys! Good luck with the challenge! :)