Friday, August 28, 2009

Butter breakfast

Wow - I have been posting a lot lately. I guess I am in a blabbermouth mood! Or maybe it is the fact that after soooo long I finally have a real sized kitchen! It's so great to have countertops at last!!!

Anyway, here is a basic breakfast I have been eating this week. It is just so good! I discovered something that seems so simple and stupid but ...well, I didn't know it before.

One piece of Applegate Farms Sunday bacon, cut up and cooked. Grease poured off (saved of course). Then throw a bit of pastured butter in the pan and scramble two eggs (usually eat one but the eggs I got are really small). When it is almost done, throw in a couple chopped zebra tomatoes. Have you had these? They are good! Tangy!

EAT! Fills ya up for a while!

OK so here is the simple thing. Eggs with butter. Uh - duh. Haven't the French told us this? How did I miss it? The butter somehow makes them taste AMAZING!!! Like heaven! I often cook them in bacon grease and yes, butter tastes even better.

The butter I have been using is pastured raw milk butter from Organic Pastures, I get it at the FM. It is unsalted but with the "stuff" from the pasture it tastes salty to me! (Do you know-I used to hate butter, I thought it was gross. WTF???) You probably know you can make your own butter really easily from cream, I've done it before in my crafty homesteader moods. A great kid's project too! But it is cheaper to buy it.

Funny thing is I told a friend of my butter/egg revelation and he said "Oh no-too much cholesterol". I don't try and argue nutrition with people so I just said "Who cares? It's so good it's worth it."

And it is.

Have a great weekend!!! Eat lots of good butter! xoxo


  1. Funny - I got the same thing the other day. Some guy (who eats pop tarts for breakfast) told us to cut back on the eggs. LOL. Such a ridiculous myth.

  2. Hi Mark! But pop tarts are so healthy, aren't they? Don't they make "whole grain" ones now? :)

  3. Yes butter with eggs is the best! It seems like bacon grease should be better (I mean, everything is better with bacon, right?), but butter wins for some reason. I bought some ghee for the first time a little while ago and it makes yummy eggs too.

  4. Hi Elizabeth, I hope you are having fun on your trip!
    It is so shocking to me that eggs are better with butter. I'm glad I made the discovery!!!