Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Checking in!

Hi everyone! Just checking in!

How are y'all doing with the Challenge? I kinda fell off the wagon this weekend with all my no-no foods - cheese, chocolate, coffee. Oh well. I still ate OK. Lifted a lot of heavy stuff (I was tired yesterday) and walked a lot.

On Saturday night we had a going-away party dinner for my friend- guess where? Korean BBQ again!!! Last time for a while so I enjoyed myself. Good news is that I think I found out what they put on the salad. I need to make a trip to the Korean grocery this weekend to get ingredients.

I'll be back with some meal posts soon. My gas just got turned on and hopefully tomorrow I will have a refrigerator and a new mattress. Have a great day!


  1. I fell off the wagon too. Not pretty. That said, I think that our falling off the wagon may not be too dramatic when compared to the standard American diet. Or at least I hope so... Did I miss something? A move, perhaps?

  2. Hi Primal Mama! My fall wasn't too bad, except into the chocolate. I have been having major cravings these past few days!
    Yep, I am in the process of moving to a new apt. Not too bad, but moving is never all that fun. haha!
    Shall we get back on track with the challenge together? :)

  3. Why does your arm look like the Statue of Liberty? Ha ha ha!

  4. Hi Carrie! I know, why does my arm look so weird?? I hate sitting on the end in these long table photos cuz I always look bizarro. Oh well. :)
    It was SO fun hanging out w u! :) Sorry about the museum...