Monday, September 14, 2009


As promised, new poll about spices!

What are your favorites? Any you dislike?

Lately, you might have noticed that I am really into Pimenton de la Vera. People, let me tell you...this is some good stuff. REALLY GOOD!

I first heard of this spice on TV, yes I am a dork and I love PBS cooking shows. Have you seen Jose Andres' show Made in Spain? He's adorable, very enthusiastic! I also had the pleasure of dining at one of his restaurants here in LA called Bazaar (and I saw him there too!) Amazing experience. 

Anyway you can find smoked paprika in some stores - specialty groceries and Whole Foods and the like. I haven't tried them all, but I will tell you my opinion anyway. Get the ones that say Pimenton de la Vera. It is totally different than the other stuff. Has an amazing smoky taste and great depth of flavor. The other ones I have tried in comparison are bitter and dull. Of course, I get the spicy one - but there are "hot" and "sweet" versions. (this container is so cute too)

Other favorite spices of mine are cumin - love it, and any chile. I love all chiles. I must have red pepper flakes in my house at all times.

What are YOUR favorites? Any you hate?

I will tell you one spice I don't like - and I will even foolishly tell you why! I have an aversion to nutmeg. The reason is that when I was a teenager I was insane. My friends and I heard that you could get a high if you ate nutmeg so we ate spoonfuls of it. DISGUSTING. Let me warn you, do not try this. Nothing happens except you feel really sick and you hate nutmeg! Stupid stupid stupid! haha!!!

Tell me - any spices you love or hate? Something I need to try??? My next foray is aleppo pepper.


  1. Hi lil lady! I'm not that big of a spice user except I love cumin, too. Use it all the time. When I'm cooking something Indian flavored, I use garam masala (I think that's how you spell it) and tumeric. Tumeric is supposed to be really good for you.

  2. Hi darlin, Not that big a spice user? How can we be friends? jk :)
    I have gotten really into turmeric lately too. It is GREAT on sauteed onions. It gives them such a pretty color. I have stained my fingers many times with it.
    My step mom recently told me that turmeric goes bad really quickly and turns bitter so you have to use it up fast. Hmm.
    Have you tried mustard seeds in your indian dishes? Yum!

  3. Pimenton de la Vera is the best paprika. I prefer the sweet stuff :)

  4. Hi Primal Mama! I haven't tried the sweet version, I'll have to get some.
    Do you have a favorite brand?

  5. Hi Yummy,
    I love tumeric as well. I read that you should include black pepper for absorbtion of antioxidant quality in tumeric. I love curry so tumeric, chili..etc are essential. Cinnamon - BIG love, cardamom-so fine. Have a great time in NY!! When will I see you again?!

  6. Hi Shelly my love!
    Wow! You like lots of spices! I've never heard that about black pepper and turmeric.
    I hope to see you very soon! I'm coming to kodiak in the spring for sure!

    Love you!