Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lamb again!

Happy Tuesday my friends!

I haven't been very creative in the kitchen lately, work has been busy and I've been getting home late. Hopefully after the holidays I'll have more time for cooking fun!

But here is a simple dinner from last night - lamb sauteed with onion and zucchini. I ate it with some red pepper artichoke tapenade type of thing. It was ok. I mean, the tapenade part was only ok, the lamb part was fantastic! haha!

It would have been delicious with some red wine but I am avoiding alcohol until New Years Eve. I plan to consume copious amounts of champagne and am preparing myself! hehe!

I hope you are all having fun with holiday gift shopping - I personally hate it with a passion. I also hate christmas music. I know, I know I am a horrible heartless person...

Have a great day! :)


  1. I have a solution for the horrible task of holiday gift shopping...don't do it! For the first time this year, I told everyone that I'm not exchanging gifts. Some people think I'm the grinch but I don't care. I'm so much less stressed because of it. P.S. I can't stand most X-mas music either. :)

  2. haha! I love you, my twinsie! :) See you this weekend???

  3. Hah. I have to agree with Carrie. The in-your-face consumerism at this time of year drives me nuts along with the unwashed masses at any retail location. Gladly my wife does 90% of the shopping. If I had my way, we would do zero shopping.

  4. Hi Andy! I couldn't agree more. My family is doing "no gifts" this year. Finally!

    I hope you have a nice holiday! :)