Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Farmers market and a meal

Hi all! I came back from Vegas and went shopping at the farmer's market. Here's what I picked up: tons of kale (dinosaur and purple), fractal cauliflower, kushu mandarins, raspberries, carrots, avocados, cilantro, hedgehog mushrooms, garlic, eggs. Yum yum!

I made a few meals with a combination of these ingredients and stuff from the freezer. Here's one: scallops, 1/2 leftover red pepper, fractal cauliflower, carrots, garlic, thyme, sundried tomatoes, carrots.
Now something I may or may not have said before is that I hate carrots!!! I hate them. But they are orange and good for you so I occassionally attempt to eat them. This was a successful incorporation because I sliced them so thinly on my mandoline that I couldn't taste them. hehe!

Two other meals I have prepared from this shopping trip were chicken with guacamole and kale with chicken and garlic. Yummy! I used leftover shredded chicken from the freezer.

I hope everyone is having a nice week!


  1. I didn't know you hated carrots. Welcome home!!!

  2. You didn't? Yah, you wouldn't think I'd name my cat Zanahoria if I hate carrots huh? haha! :)