Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My favorite

You all know my love for lamb and wine, right? Last night we had a great dinner! I should have taken a photo of the lovely lamb chops but I was so excited to eat them I forgot to snap a pic!

So here is a photo of the wine, the largest wine glasses ever! The same size as my head, and I have a BIG head!

Like I said the other day, it is really easy to eat paleo in a steak restaurant. You usually order the meat and then the sides separately so I typically just get meat and then a side of some type of veggies. Last night we shared a plate of spinach sauteed with garlic. It went really well with the FOUR lamb chops they served me. What a hunk of meat! I ate it all...hehe! (very very fatty tho, I didn't eat that part, it was even too fatty for me!)

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Out to celebrate my bday tonight...I think I might even have some cake! :)


  1. Happy early birthday!!! Love ya. P.S. Remember when we celebrated your b-day after Spanish class? I should have wrapped you-know-who in a bow for your present, ha ha.

  2. Happy Birthday! Definitely have some cake. It is a must.

  3. Happy Birthday :) Your post is making me drool :P

  4. Thanks guys! :)

    Carrie - LOL! That was so nice! But I think Martin was YOUR bday gift, not mine.