Monday, April 5, 2010

Spicy BBQ beef

Hi friends!

Happy Easter Happy Solstice Happy Pesach Happy Hanamatsuri! etc! Sorry I have been MIA.

Yes, I've been cooking and eating, but I haven't been making anything very creative or new lately. Mainly my easy one pan, one dish meals with whatever is in the kitchen. Maybe I should rename this blog "one"? Anywaysss...

I did make a tasty dinner the other night with whatever was in the kitchen. I'm so lazy lately I know. But this one was very good!

I had some paper thin sliced beef which I marinated in korean red pepper, sesame oil, and rice vinegar for a short while. Then I quickly grilled it up on a hot hot hot grill pan. I cut up some lettuce (the only veggie I had in the house) and made salad dressing by diluting a little of the unused marinade with more rice vinegar. More unused marinade served as a dipping sauce for the meat. Yeah.

Simple. So simple. And SO GOOD!

Sorry I have been neglecting you my friends. I'll get more creative in the kitchen soon. I need to grab one of my million cookbooks and start getting inspired.

Oh speaking of inspiration, I think I have mentioned that soon I am taking a little trip to Europe. Well, I just found out that part of the trip will be with a group in Paris where we will have some planned activites. (Not usually my type of thing but hey, all expenses paid, I'm not complaining!) Anyway, my hope is that one of the activities might include a cooking class - say at Le Cordon Bleu. Yeah! One can dream right? That would certainly provide some inspiration...I'll keep you posted!

Have a fantastic Monday!


  1. That would be amazing!

  2. Yeah huh? :) Wish you were coming... Barcelona in June? Pienso que si!