Thursday, May 16, 2013

Green Smoothies

My smoothies contain quite a bit of fruit so they are not really in line with the hard core paleo/primal rules. But they are nowhere near as sweet and fruity as most other smoothie recipes I've seen out there. Three bananas or more per smoothie just sounds absolutely vile to me.

Do you like smoothies? Do you like green smoothies?

Ginger, mango, carrot, cranberry, lime and spinach!

I've been drinking a smoothie, usually with greens added, almost every day for the past two months since I cut most dairy out of my diet (besides cheese and butter). A smoothie for breakfast just sounds appealing, right? I crave them every day, especially the greens and the berries. I typically add half a small banana for creaminess and sweetness, and then throw in whatever greens and fruits I have on hand. Usually I'll also include a spoonful of flax seeds and maybe some nuts.

At first I was worried that the sugary-ness of them would be a problem for me, making me hungry and fat(ter). But that doesn't seem to be a problem so far.

Banana, raspberry, blueberry! Pretty!
Indeed I would say that maybe these smoothies are doing something good for me. Yesterday I bought a bottle of red wine at the grocery store and the cashier asked for my ID. At first I thought I heard her wrong...but then she asked again. After I handed my ID over she gasped and looked embarrassed. She asked "What do you do?!" in Dutch. Being flustered and embarrassed I just replied "wijn?" and pointed stupidly at the bottle.

Oh, I should add that the legal drinking age here is 16. I'm 41.

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