Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Living Like a Cavewoman

Maybe one of the most fun and awesome projects I have heard of in a while!

This cool Amsterdam girl is planning to live like a cavewoman for 100 days this summer. OK, that sound good. But she's doing it in the city of Amsterdam! Wow!

Check out her blog: What About Wilma

 Summer is a good time for this project. Other times of the year it would definitely not be fun to walk barefoot in the cold city, and bedtime when it was dark would mean sleeping 16 hours a day. Now it's light until at least 10pm, in fact I went to bed last night while it was still light out.

Amsterdam is a very charming and small city but it is also noisy and crowded and hectic. It will be interesting to see if this cavewoman project brings her peace and calmness. I worry mostly about her stepping on broken glass and cigarette butts with bare feet, although I used to walk barefoot around Los Angeles which I suppose is even worse.

It's also great to see a paleo girl project like this, much of the paleo-sphere is full of cavemen. Nice to see a lady doing something so cool!

I love her project and I hope I can stalk her around town!

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