Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Perhaps some of you have wondered what the heck is this blog name all about. Well, I dunno. It's kind of dumb but I've always thought of myself as a gatherer. You know, like hunter-gatherers... I am just gathering yummy things to eat!

I don't know about you, but I kind of love the market! I enjoy wandering the aisles and looking at the foods and grabbing this and that and checking out the ingredients. I find it relaxing most of the time. I love 'ethnic' or 'international' grocers and we have a ton of different ones all over LA with interesting exotic products.

I feel even happier at the farmer's markets. I love looking at, touching, and smelling the delicious, beautiful veggies and fruits. In other words, I enjoy gathering my food. It's not the thrill of the chase but it is a satisfying feeling to come home with my totes full of booty to put away or start cooking!

Of course, there are times when I hate grocery shopping. For instance, if I ever have to go really late at night. I hate the glaring fluorescent light and the music and....the creepy night people buying cigarettes and cough medicines. haha! It's bizarro. I also hate waiting in line at the supermarket, but I do enjoy the tabloids!

Tell me, do you enjoy food shopping? What do you like about it? Would you prefer to gather your food from your garden or in the wild? I know I do. But the damn gophers eat everything first! Now I only grow herbs. My gophers don't like herbs. Or jalapenos.


  1. I like shopping at a farmer's market but I'm with you on the obnoxious fluorescent lights etc in grocery stores. Thankfully, living in the middle of the Gila Wilderness I get to gather and hunt a high proportion of my foods (and medicines) right here at home.

    Luck you, the gophers even eat my herbs (even the nasty tasting ones, go figure).

    Nice blog, love the avatar :)

  2. Hi Kiva Rose! Thanks for visiting! You are lucky that you live in such a place that you can gather and hunt for your foods! Here in crowded southern calif we don't really have that luxury. Unless you like pigeons and lawn grass a lot! :) Luckily we have a lot of really great farmer's markets to make up for it.

  3. I LOVE farmers markets and outdoor markets.
    Supermarkets are ok...depends which ones.
    It's kind of my quiet time...just browsing...

    I also grow my own herbs. Just planted some "garlic-chives"