Monday, June 22, 2009

Korean BBQ

This weekend I went out to Korean BBQ with a gang of partiers for a friend's birthday. YUM! A delicious and paleo meal of grilled meat, salads, and pickled veggies. Living in smoggy Los Angeles, I am lucky to have access to tons of great foods from all over the world. I really LOVE Korean BBQ though.
Everything was delicious! The spicy red paste has some sugar in it and I think the kimchee does too. But it is fermented so it has some other benefits I think? I'm not really that picky about a little bit of weirdness in sauces etc (as in the 80/20 rule) when I am eating at retaurants, I like to enjoy myself and not be a stick in the mud. I cook my own meals most of the time anyway.

I fasted all day so that I could really enjoy the masses of meat. Unfortunately, sometimes when I don't eat for a while, once I start eating again I get full quickly. Luckily there were other diners in our group who were more than happy to chow down on the food I could not fit in my tummy! Here's a pic for you of all the little veggie dishes, the "panchan". I lovvvvvveeee these little dishes, especially the bean sprouts. The salad at this particular restaurant is also divine. I wish I knew what spicy fresh dressing they put on it? MMMMMMMmmm.

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!


  1. I love love love Korean BBQ! I usually get the beef bulgogi and my husband likes the spicy pork daeji bulgogi. I'm like you - I don't worry about what's in the sauce and just enjoy myself.

  2. Looks delicious! You are lucky! We don't have anything even close to a Korean BBQ near us!