Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Davis California part 2

Another thing about Davis that I really like (besides the turkeys) is that there is a wonderful bicycle culture there. It's a very flat area and many people bike all over town. There are beautiful bicycle paths meandering through parks, bicycle lanes on every street and low speed limits are enforced for autos. Especially when the university is in session, there are tons of students biking all over.

Speaking of bike culture, check out this blog that I have been looking at for a few years now, Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Love it! (those of you who enjoy The Sartorialist might like this site)

Here is a photo of a lovely bike path through the greenbelt.
As I mentioned, we made a delicious veggie meal on Saturday night. My mom and bro are vegetarian, so we ate a lot of veggies! haha! I made okra with cumin and an "appetizer" of sliced Japanese Black tomatoes with a dollop of an eggplant dip I got at the market and a sprinkle of basil. I also made roasted squash with red onions. My sister-in-law made a cucumber and tomato salad with basil and some super yummy beets (I hate beets but these were so good). My mom made the most delicious Indian daal. It was the best daal I ever tasted and I love daal! If you want the "recipes" or anything, just leave me a comment! Thanks for visiting! :)


  1. Love all the pictures! Looks like a beautiful place:)