Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Noooooo- not octo-mom. Are we over her yet? I haven't watched TV in a while. (I know, what is wrong with me?!?)

Went out for some appetizers at a cute Italian bar. One of the best snacks was this grilled octopus with veggies and herbs. I could have eaten 5 plates of this. I am really liking grilled octopus lately.
Another great appetizer we had were spicy peppers stuffed with tuna and herbs and baked. I didn't take a photo but they were amazingly delicious. I REALLY want to make them myself, but I could not figure out what kind of peppers they used. They were smaller than an egg, somewhat round in shape, and pretty hot. Maybe "cherry peppers"? More research is needed. Stay tuned....

Have a great day my friends!


  1. Looks great! Octopus is great!

  2. Thanks Primal Mama! Octopus is my new favorite thing to order. Is it popular in Spain?

  3. It's fairly popular. Especially in the north.