Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photo of the Day

Went out to dinner last night at a tapas bar in Santa Monica. It's the cutest place, looks just like a tiny tapas bar in Spain. Um, not that I have been to Spain yet but...well, it's cute! A great place for a hot date! Ate some primal-ish tapas - shrimp, lamb chops, olives, cheese. A glass of Albarino.

Anyway, since I didn't cook last night here are two photos of the day for you. I like to take pictures of old-looking, shipwreck-looking boats.

Here is one in Belize off Ambergris Caye. (or maybe Caye Caulker?) Have you been there? Amazing diving. Not that I dive (yet) but we snorkeled like maniacs. Belize is awesome!Here is one in Point Reyes in Northern California. Have you been there? Amazing hiking! :)
I was going through old pictures last weekend. Maybe I'll keep posting some - mostly for my own enjoyment - sorry if they are boring! I gotta liven up my work day somehow by looking at photos of past adventures.

Have a great day!!


  1. Great pics!
    I've been many many places....but never made it to Belize.
    Dying to go check it out. The tapas sound yummy ;-)


  2. Marc- you have to go to Belize!! Well, if you like diving/snorkeling... It is amazing! I so want to go back!