Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quick Easy Lunch

Rabbit Rabbit everyone!

Lunch at work today:

Mixed lettuce from the farmers market
Leftover chicken bits
Pickled peppers
French feta cheese
Torn up basil leaves
A few olives

Normally I bring leftovers to work for lunch. Today, no leftovers. So I scrounged in the work kitchen for what I might have in the refrig and freezer. Luckily I found some random chicken bits that I had frozen in a little container. Cool. I added some veggies from this morning's trip to the farmer's market and viola! Lunch!

For those of you who eat dairy - I found a new tasty cheese! I will have to go back to the store to check it out in more detail because I bought it in the bulk section, but I believe it is "French Feta". WOW it is so good. I am not the biggest fan of feta as it is a little too salty for me. But this is creamier and not as salty. Woo- I love it!! Just what I need - a new cheese to eat. Hmmph.

Tonight- I think I will make thai curry. What do you think- red or green? Hmmmmmm.


  1. If you go to the Farmer's Market in SM, look for a farmer called Jerry Rutiz (Rutiz Family Farm). His farm is probably 2 miles from my house and I shop there every week. His strawberries are hands down the best I've ever eaten.

  2. hehe! He's famous here at the SM farmers market. I'm going Saturday I think and I will get some strawberries just cuz you said so! ;)