Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer fun


Time for grilling outdoors, days at the beach, relaxing meals al fresco... and lots and lots of parties, events and get-togethers. Summer (and spring) are my favorite times of year. But how do you stick to a healthy diet (and even exercise plan) when you are constantly going out for drinks and dinners and parties?? What a problem to have huh? :)
(a sunset on the beach in Manzanillo Mexico from many many years ago)

What do YOU do to stay healthy when happy hour calls your name every day?

Me? I try to stick to one glass of wine that I can sip slowly. I try-but sometimes I just need two glasses, ok? :)

Working out in the morning is a great idea too as it frees up the evenings for fun. I'll sometimes try to eat something healthy like a piece of chicken before I go out, so I am not starving for bar food or other junk. Nicer bars usually have healthier options like salads or seafood appetizers. There will be a few healthy snack options at most parties, but I'll still try and have a snack (nuts) before I head out. Eating something also helps to keep me from getting drunk off of that first sip of wine!

I'd love to hear your tips! What do you do to stay healthy during party season?


  1. Good advice to eat b4 you go out

    When out at the bar I tend to drink too many beers which leads to eating wings or nachos, whatever my friends get.

    Have to try eating 1st. Thanks.

  2. Since I live in a "vacation destination" the urge to have a party is always present....especially when people come and visit.

    Here are my tips;
    1. Stick to red wine. white goes to fast, beers when its hot are to tasty and before you know it, you've downed 4. That's to much of an insulin spike.
    2. Stick to appetizers only and only order protein appetizers or salads. No bruschetta or similiar tasty drunken fare.
    Great advice from Yummy...EAT something before you go out. Nuts do work perfect for this.


  3. I'm not as popular as you so I hardly ever go out. Ha ha. But seriously, during "party" season I just enjoy myself and try not to worry about it. Maintaining my exercise program keeps me sane. Limiting alcohol to one drink is probably a good idea and limiting refined sugar is another. Also, I try to focus on the people and not the food. I figure I can always have a snack when I get home! :)

  4. Thanks guys!!

    John- try eating a snack, it totally works!

    Marc- thanks for the ideas, I fully agree.

    Carrie - you are too funny! If you lived here you'd be out with me every night! :) We miss you!!!! Thx for your tips babe!