Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Farmer's market booty and couple meals

Good morning my friends!
Got some good stuff at the FM! I usually go 2x/week.

Made a great dinner of bison flank steak (Lindner) with poblano peppers, red bell peppers and spinach, with tomatillo salsa on top. Yum yum! I sprinkled salt and cumin on the steak and seared it in a pan, then cooked up the peppers in the same pan with some of the cherry tomatoes.

Breakfast this morning was a little different, I was in the mood for prosciutto e melone, this was what I had on hand! Sliced charentais melon (YUM) and strawberries with a little spicy sopressata (Applegate Farms). Vanilla tea with a little organic cream.

Lunch today will be leftovers from dindin last night.

This weekend had a little break with a nice cocktail and I also ate some chocolate (current fav is Green&Blacks Organic Maya Gold). Chocolate is like kissing,what can I say? :) I couldn't resist the cocktail. I went to lunch with a friend and on the menu they had that St Germaine and champagne I talked about a few weeks ago (they called it elderflower fizz). It was fate. Mmm mm.
Problem is that this restaurant is right near my new apartment and they have daily happy hour with amazing fancy cocktails. Next door are two wine bars! UH OH!!!! If I ride my bike there is it OK to visit?
Went for many long walks in the past several days and a few good workouts. Going to sleep and waking up early. Doing good! How are the rest of you faring with your challenge goals?

Have an amazing day!!!!!


  1. Your dinner looks amazing. Can you come cook for me? Where do you get your meats? I shall make no comment on your kissing/chocolate reference.

    Besos, Carrie

  2. hehe! I thought you would like that reference!!!
    Can't wait to see you this weekend!
    xoxo, KF ;)

  3. Those little orange cherry tomatoes look so cute!

  4. Hi Elizabeth! They are cute! And yummy and sweet too!