Monday, June 29, 2009

Too much fun this weekend

Whew! I went to a fun party this weekend and drank way too much champagne! I love champagne and sparkling wine. Mmmm. At this party they were serving a champagne cocktail that I had not heard of before - champagne and St Germain liqueur. Wow- it was really tasty, but after 4 of them I had a killer hangover the next day. It was worth it..I think?

Have you heard of St Germain before? It's made from elderflowers. It has a wonderful flavor and aroma. Fruity, floral, minty. Yum. Hunter Angler Gardener Cook has a wonderful post about making elderflower syrup and liqueur yourself. Way cool.
Last night I made up some more bison patties. But this time I tried to make a persian eggplant dip called kashk-e bademjan to go along with it. Sadly, it really tasted disgusting, so I won't bother you with my failed recipe. Maybe I'll try again. The bison was great- I added fresh mint leaves to the meat.

Have a great day!!!

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