Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Korean bison and Utah

Hey everyone!

I'm going to Utah this coming weekend for a wedding. I'm so excited! Anyone reading from Utah or been to Utah??? Any advice for things to see and do? I'll be in the Salt Lake City area, staying in Snowbird.

We'll probably be busy with wedding events but I want to do at least one hike.
I've never been to Utah!!! This is my 49th state. Next, I'm headed to Maine for #50!

Back to eating...

Yesterday before I left for work I marinated a bison flank steak in gochujang (korean fermented red pepper paste), sesame oil, rice vinegar, garlic and ginger and left it in the refrig all day. When I got home and was ready to eat I scraped off most of the marinade, threw the steak in a hot pan and cooked it up medium rare, let it rest, then sliced it up.

To go with the bison, I made a big green salad and tried to recreate the dressing from our favorite Korean BBQ joint. The ingredients I used were: soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, water, and a bunch of korean coarse red pepper. Most recipes I saw used sugar as well, but I skipped that. It was good!!! I can't believe I recreated it! I could tell the only missing ingredient was the sugar. This dressing is great because you can barely tell it has oil, only the flavor of the sesame comes through. If you want my recipe - just ask! :)

When I went to the market to get the gochujang and red pepper I also picked up some marinated bean sprouts. I love these. I added them to the salad as well. Next time I will make them, they are super simple. I also got some really good kimchee without MSG. My friend gave me a recipe from Guam for shrimp with kimchee. When I make it I will let you know how it is!

I found out that gochujang has wheat and rice flour in it, along with some form of sugar. I bought the organic brand that supposedly does not add corn syrup or MSG. I figure it is not like I am eating a tub of it every day so a little bit of yuck is OK? or not? It added a great tangy flavor to the meat, but next time I would probably use less.

Have a beautiful wonderful day everyone!


  1. For your cat, try Feliaway. It usually works for my cats.

  2. Thanks Christina! He's better now that he got to mark his territory outside. Now if he will only let me sleep more than 3 hrs/night...