Monday, August 24, 2009

FGE Chicken Kababs

So I'm sure you are something like me and you read cookbooks or blogs and see recipes and think "WOW - I need to try making that" but then you forget and whatever. Well, when I saw the recipe for chicken kebabs on Feel Good Eating I knew I wanted to try it as soon as I could get access to a grill. The thing is, I love chicken kebabs but when I try to make them they always come out kind of dry and tasteless. When I saw Marc's recipe I noticed he wrote the word "secret" a few times, which caught my eye. Perhaps finally I would discover what was missing when I made them!?

I never heard of putting olive oil on the skewers before putting the meat on. Hmm....

I used smoked paprika instead of regular and I added fresh oregano with the mint. I also used both breasts and thighs. I didn't have time to marinate for 6-8 hrs so I only did 2. To go along with the chicken I grilled zucchini and red peppers with a bit of salt and fresh rosemary.

Dude- these kababs were EXCELLENT. Dare I say it, the breast was better than the thighs? SO good. Thanks Marc! I made a ton so I will be eating them for lunch for a few days now. I think now I will start making an effort to actually make the recipes I read on the blogs instead of just drooling over the photos. Stay tuned, I'm making something from Caveman Food next!

Yay! I hope you all have a happy Monday!


  1. YAY, they came out good!!
    Thank you for the nice shout out.
    They look delicious!


  2. Thanks for the recipe and secrets, Marc!!!

    I forgot to mention that my moving helper also loved them and kept saying how juicy they were.

    They were just as good for lunch today too.

  3. Hi John, I used a gas grill this time. I leave the charcoal to the men. haha! Have a great day!