Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shrimp and squash

Super simple easy quick dinner last night! But sooooo tasty!!

I sliced then broiled up some squash and a yellow pepper in the oven. Meanwhile in a pan I quickly sauteed some chopped garlic, fresh thyme and red pepper flakes in some olive oil. It smelled so good!!!! I seriously could have just eaten that plain out of the pan! (I was a little hungry - haha!) I threw some shrimp and a small blob of pastured butter in there and cooked it all up. When the veggies were done I mixed it all together, added a squeeze of lemon, and happily stuffed it in my face! (did I mention I was really hungry?)
It doesn't look or sound like much, but it was yum. It isn't gourmet but sometimes weeknight meals just need to fill you up - and still taste good, ya know?
I'm moving to a new apt over the next two weeks and then will have a REAL kitchen -yay! A stove with gas burners!!! Woo hoo! I promise I will have more exciting meals. Maybe even some (gasp!) dinner guests who I have to make an effort for. Any of you want to come to my housewarming party? :) You gotta bring food though because you are better cooks than me!!!

Primal Challenge update - how am I doing so far?

Law 1: I love meats and veggies! no problem, mon!
Law 2: doing good! no chocolate, cheese, coffee, or alcohol
Law 3: today will take a long walk and a run up and down stairs, plus squats, lunges etc
Law 4: upper bod weights workout Wednesday
Law 5: sprinted Tuesday
Law 6: went to bed last two nights at around 10:30pm. I'm trying!! I'm a night person!
Law 7: goofing off jumping around in the park the other day I fell down in front of a bunch of guys playing soccer - that counts right? Total embarrassment = play? haha
Law 8: I walk to and from work daily, get a little sun - more on weekends
Law 9: no problem cuz I'm a chicken
Law 10: work doesn't use too much brain power. I'd like to learn a new language for fun? Two ideas are Portuguese or Hebrew. Hmmm - any suggestions?

All y'all who are doing this challenge - keep up the good work!! :)


  1. That dinner looks right up my alley! We had similar last night:

    Sauteed zucchini/summer squash in bacon fat/evoo w/ some macadamia nuts for veggies. I went easy on this b/c keeping the carbs down as part of my challenge.

    Cold lobster meat/maine shrimp (i think they boil them) topped with melted pastured butter. The coolness of the lobster/shrimp made the butter solidify a bit. Awesome stuff!

  2. Dinner sounds yummy! I'd cook for your housewarming party if you didn't live across the country!

    And I hear ya on the being a night person thing. It is really hard to go to bed early. Over the years I managed to work it down from 1-2AM to 10-11PM, which is an improvement at least. ;P

  3. Gourmet? Looks gourmet to me!! Great dish!

    Housewarming party....I might take you up on that ;-)

    As to sleep....not everyone needs 8 hours.
    I like getting up early so I try and go to bed around 10.


  4. Thanks for your comments!

    Mark - Wow! Your dinner sounds so tasty! Mac nuts + bacon fat + lobster? You can't go wrong with those ingredients! I love mac nuts!!

    Elizabeth - Ya too bad you live so far away! But if you lived close I'd be knocking at the door of YOUR house every night around dinner time - your food loooks so delicious!! :) haha!!
    How did you get from 2am to 10pm? That's great! What changes did you make? I find not watching TV helps a bit.

    Marc - Thank you! :) Yes, come to my party!!! I promise that I won't make you do ALL the cooking - I'll help you chop veggies or something!! lol! ;)
    I do need my 8hrs, I just have a lot of energy at night so it is hard to slow down and go to sleep. But I love getting up early too, the morning is so peaceful!

    Have a great day everyone! :)

  5. You, no alcohol? I don't believe it! Ha ha ha! :)

  6. Carrie, you are MEAN! :) Really the most shocking thing is no cheese. I LOVE CHEESE!!! But it hasn't been that hard.

  7. We stopped watching night time TV, which helped a lot. We try to start winding down/getting ready for bed at around 9:15, which with all the dithering around usually means we end up in bed by 10, then we read until 11. At least that's been the pattern lately. I think the trick is to try for an earlier bedtime than you actually want, so that when you inevitably overshoot it you're still in bed earlier than you would be if left to your own devices.

  8. Hi Elizabeth, that sounds like a good technique. Thanks! My problem with reading is that I get really into it and don't want to stop. I need to get more boring books- haha!