Thursday, August 20, 2009

Three additional laws

Of course we all love Mark Sisson and his blog and his book and his 10 laws, right? But I have three more laws that I would add to the list. I think my 3 laws are also important to health. You might think I'm super weird after you read these but here we go...

1. Get out and enjoy nature

It is great to get some sun, and to work out, and to go for long walks. But I think some spiritual connection to the universe is lost when I don't get out in nature once in a while - whether it is a hike in the woods, a walk through the desert, or a swim in the ocean. Maybe for some of you this is no big deal because you live where there is a lot of nature around. But I live in sprawling, smoggy Los Angeles. Not too much wilderness in the 'hood. Now that I think about it, it's time to move! ;) I think one of the laws should be to get out in nature at least 2x/month. Go take a hike! haha!

2. Get some human contact

You've read the studies about infants that don't get touched and they die or become ax murderers right? Humans need affection and to have good relationships with each other to thrive. If you don't get a hug now and then, I think you can start to feel very disconnected. If you have a close family, a spouse, a lover, children, or lots of friends - then you probably get enough human contact. Lucky lucky!

But if not, what can you do? Well, gather your friends so you can talk and laugh with them. If they won't let you cuddle up to them (haha!) then you have to find someone to be affectionate with. That can be a small challenge unless you're not very picky! :)

I have a suggestion - get a pet! It's called a "pet" for a reason - pet it! Another thing you can do is get a professional massage. I'm one of those annoying touchy-feely affectionate people, but if I can giggle with my friends, kiss my cat, wrestle with my dog, and get a massage once in a while - I am ok and won't attempt to grope my friends (very much).

Most of you have spouses and families so you probably can ignore my rule #2. You probably need more time and space to yourselves! That leads to rule #3...

3. Take some alone time

In our busy lives we run here and there from work to school to sports to pick up the kids to dinner with the relatives to shopping to whatever! We are totally overbooked and sometimes overwhelmed.

You know what really helps me when I find life becoming a whirlwind? Take some alone time. I know for those of you with busy lives and work and families it is so difficult. But I really think a break by yourself helps you to be a better person when you return to the busy madness. You can combine your alone time with other activities, like working out or taking a bath or reading a book in the corner of the backyard. Just some quiet time where you don't have to talk to anyone or think about anything and can just be with yourself. I think it is super important for your sanity.

OK- do you guys now think I am a weirdo backwoods nature-loving pervert molester loner who really likes eating meats and veggies? Probably so. And you're right! :)

What do you think? Do you have any essentials to add for good health and happiness?

Edit: how random is it that MDA and I posted nearly the same topic on the same day? They also posted a pork loin recipe the day before I was going to post mine. I can't win!!! :)


  1. I think these are awesome laws and I totally agree with you.

  2. Thanks Carrie! Glad you agree! :)

  3. I used to be completely disassociated from nature. That all seems to have changed when I went primal. It's amazing how intertwined everything is now. Good food / diet led to so many changes: physical, emotional, and spiritual. It's hard to describe but no normal "diet" can do that.

    For me, though, the most critical thing by far is sleep.

  4. Hi Mark! How amazing that diet had such a transformative effect for you!
    I bet sleep is sometimes hard to come by with the singing 8 yr old bouncing around! :) Loved that video!

  5. I LOVE your rules! I live them ;-)