Sunday, August 23, 2009

Relaxing Saturday

I had such a nice Saturday morning!

Took a nice long walk to get coffee and use the internet, then went to a new farmer's market that I had not been to before.

I found someone selling pastured chickens and eggs and LAMB! I am so excited! You need to pre-order the lamb. I have to decide what cuts to order, any suggestions?

I got a lot of good stuff at the market, here is a little photo for you. Do you like my new mustard yellow countertop? hehe!! Luckily I actually like the color.

I love going to the farmer's market for all the food, but I am also a huge fan of people watching and the market is a great place to do that. I saw the cutest thing yesterday-a gentleman in his 80s or 90s approached an adorable lady of the same age and started heavily flirting with her. It was SO CUTE watching them grin at each other and chat about veggies! Later I saw the same lady again and she winked at me. haha!

The rest of the weekend has been spent moving and cleaning and organizing. Yuck. But almost done.
I hope you all had an awesome weekend!!!


  1. Yummy! What's the red stuff in the plastic bag on the right? I don't like eggplant. I also love people watching!!!

  2. Any lamb is good lamb in my book, You can't go wrong with a rack or leg.

  3. Hi Carrie and Mark- thanks for visiting!

    Carrie, the red stuff is bison flank steak. I am thinking korean style with it tomorrow!

    Mark, good suggestions. I am hoping they have some ground lamb too because I have a moroccan lamb sausage recipe I want to try.

  4. Yummy,
    Share the moroccan lamb sausage recipe please ;-)

    I spent 6 hours recently people watching waiting for a flight.....i enjoyed every minute of it.


  5. Hi Marc! I will definitely share as soon as I make it! I am thinking of maybe trying it first with ground bison or pork since I already have some at home...

    6 hrs??? Wow! That's a killer layover!