Thursday, September 3, 2009

Enoki mushrooms

Hey there everyone!

Made a simple dinner last night but I found a new favorite food - enoki mushrooms! Have you tried them? I bet you have. I know I have eaten them in soups at Japanese restaurants. But here is a little something I found out last night - when sauteed, enoki mushrooms seem a lot like noodles. YUM! Because I love pasta, and of course you know I don't get to eat it regularly!

I marinated some shrimp in a mixture of jalapeno lemon olive oil (my mom got it for me), serranos, garlic, thyme, and a little preserved lemon. I like shrimp a lot because they are great for the single diner. You take 'em out of the freezer and they defrost in cold water in a few minutes.

Meanwhile, I sauteed up some  yellow squash with garlic and thyme. When they were almost done I threw in the enoki mushrooms and added some salt.

Quickly cooked the shrimp in the same pan, and that was it! Simple! When I took a bite of the mushroom/squash combo it reminded me of noodles, and I was thrilled. I really love pasta, there's just something about that chewy bite that is so satisfying. Enoki mushrooms have that noodle look and a chewy texture too. YUM!

Looks like a lot of food - it was. Mostly veggies but I couldn't finish it. No worries! Leftovers!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!! It's almost Friday and a long weekend! Doing anything fun?


  1. Sounds awesome. Love shrimp!

    We're going down to Patriot's Place this weekend - taking my dad and son to the Patriot's hall of fame while my mom/wife/daughter hit the highend shopping. Should be fun!

    How you have a good weekend.

  2. FUN! I have some football stuff planned for this weekend too! Have a great time Mark!