Friday, September 4, 2009

Football season!

I'm very excited that college football season is starting! YAY! I'm going to the season opener game on Saturday! Can you guess my team? hehe!

These games are all day events with the tailgating before and after. My friends throw the most amazing elaborate catered tailgates, complete with bartenders, so usually I will eat something there. If not, I will try and eat something substantial at home beforehand to keep me from devouring the stadium nachos.

What do you eat when you are at an event like that all day? Do you avoid the beer or endulge?  I really enjoy a good sausage!

I'm so excited to scream, yell, jump up and down, and shake my pom poms! haha! What are you all doing this long weekend? Have fun whatever it is!


  1. sounds fun -- I'm going to a longhorns game sat.

    have a good weekend

  2. That's difficult- Nothing good to eat at football games! I'm a party pooper and would bring my own food. No beer. ho hum!

    I do eat wheat though! I made almond/cocoa/coffee bundt cake yesterday - vegan. Mmmm chocolate!

    Have a great time at the game.

  3. Hi love!
    Some baseball/basketball venues seem to have a variety of dining options, what is up with football huh?
    Was the cake tasty? I bet it was! Do you remember that vegan "wacky cake" Katie used to make? mmmm