Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm back!!!

I'm back from vacation, back at work in the office, back in a suit and heels - yuck! But with the addition of about 30 mosquito bites as souvenirs!

I had a blast! Did y'all miss me? I am sure you did not! :) But I missed you!

I thought I'd share a little meal we had in NYC one night. It was tasty! We went to this little wine bar and they had interesting appetizers so we selected a sampling. The meat platter was the most delicious...a grilled chicken sausage with herbs, some kind of thick cut homemade prosciutto, and duck mortadella. The mortadella was AMAZING! It had cranberries and pistachios mixed in, plus some kind of warm spices - maybe allspice and cloves?
We also had a salmon tartare with a curry flavor and boiled chicken meatballs with a cinnamon flavor. Very interesting. As you can see we also sampled some very yummy cheeses. 

Can I go back on vacation please? Have a GREAT day!!!!

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