Friday, October 30, 2009


Enjoyed breakfast on the front steps watching the squirrels in the trees. Chai tea with a splash of cream.  Scrambled egg with bacon and orange tomato. Nice way to start the morning!

This is my typical weekday breakfast except I often have coffee made in my mini french press. YUM YUM!

Have a fantastic day today! :)


  1. I'm at the end of an ESE day here and that picture just made me incredibly hungry, thanks. Lol!

    I think tonight I'm going to prepare that grilled vegetable medley that Marc posted on his site. I have some leftover steak and shrimp from a Mexican joint I was ate. I think I'll eat that alongside it.

    Time to fire down my second cup of coffee for the day to get me to dinner.


  2. Hi Dan! Sorry to make you hungry! :)

    That sounds like an awesome dinner...when I make those grilled veggies I usually have them with grilled steak. I think that makes the perfect combo. Be sure to make extras for leftovers! Enjoy!