Saturday, October 24, 2009

Funny junk

Whew! My trip to Las Vegas was tiring! Between work and play I did not get very much rest at all. My feet hurt something awful!!!

I managed to not eat junk at the show, thanks for your words of encouragement! Well, I did try one super spicy dorito, it was delicious and so hot it made my tongue swell!

Lots of energy products and enhanced waters were showcased (one booth complete with a water slide and pool for the bikini clad models to slide into). Water to make you skinny, sexy or smart - energy gum, drinks, candies, mints, even chips! I am not a fan of energy stuff, but a colleague found this energy nasal spray thing that he loved and kept sniffing. I think it kept him going for 48 hrs haha!

Collecting free crap and eating/drinking the samples is very popular at the show and my coworkers always go crazy. Unfortunately this year they were not able to attend so they asked me to bring stuff back for them. I just did not have it in my heart to bring back bags of candy and snacks, so I collected other things that I thought might be useful or at least give them a laugh. You can see for yourself...hehe!

On a side note, there is something cool about Las Vegas that I hadn't really thought about until this trip. Most everyone there is traveling and out of their comfort zone and routine. They are a little more open and friendly than usual. So it is a really great place to meet people! I think I made some really fantastic new friends and have fresh enthusiasm for sin city. Good thing since I am back in a few months for another conference!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I guess it's not against company policy to hand out condoms???

  2. Company policy? Lol! I guess it depends what I said when I handed them out?

    I'm only planning on sharing this stuff with the females if that makes you feel better! ;)