Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I was supposed to be fasting today but then I just got really hungry and decided to go to the gross cafe in my office building to get something for lunch. Knowing how large the portions sizes are, I thought I'd just ask for a scoop of tuna.

This is what I got. It's not even the size of a golf ball!

I guess the insignificant size was my punishment? I should have just stuck with fasting as planned. haha! I'm still very hungry so I guess it didn't interrupt the fast that much...


  1. I feel the same about our cafeteria. It is a complete disappointment. Always a tiny 3oz portion of protein but always pimpin the rice or potatoes.

  2. Yes, totally! That's why I never go there. But I was craving some tuna...oh well. Now I will avoid the place, until I forget how much it sucks. haha!

  3. It was probably left over from last week......yum ;-)


  4. Eeeeew! Thanks for pointing that out, Marc! :) Hahaha! Well, at least I didn't get sick.