Thursday, October 1, 2009

Uva di Troia

I have to say that sometimes I question why I still live in Los Angeles. The smog, the traffic...BLAH! But on days like today I think well, Los Angeles does have it's good points!

When I was in NYC I tasted a sip of a yummy wine... back at home I did a little search to see if I could locate a bottle so that I could taste it again. Turns out it is a bit of a rare import...?

I found it at this great wine store that is 2 miles from my office! That's the nice thing about the big city - you can find what you need/want! (except nature and breathable air haha)

The guy at the wine store volunteered that they eat a lot of lamb in Puglia where the wine is made. So when I got home I cooked up some juicy lamb and drank some juicy wine while I chatted on the phone with a friend catching up on the juicy gossip! A nice evening!


I'm starting to think I need to take a trip to Puglia, Italy...I love the wines! Primitivo has been one of my favs for a long while now, and this Uva di Troia is pretty tasty! Anyone want to do an Italian wine/food tour with me? :) Read this little article about Puglia...cuttlefish and eggplant? YUM!


  1. Puglia sounds awesome, let's go! Did you hear that Good Food podcast about the mozzarella tour of Italy? That sounded good, too.

  2. Hi my dear! LET'S GO!!! :)
    I didn't hear that podcast...I have it downloaded but I haven't listened yet. You know I am always interested in cheesy goodness. :)

  3. I went to italy a few years back, it was great. you should go too.

    take care

  4. Hey John, thanks for commenting!

    Where did you go in Italy? Any places not to be missed?

    Have a great day!

  5. Rome was really cool check it out