Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

I just got this t-shirt and I love it. Cute huh? Combines my love for dinosaurs and meats. hehe!

It's almost like I designed it myself!

I thought all you paleos might appreciate it more than your average person on the street who sees me prancing around with a lime green T Rex on my boobs and wonders what is my mental problem. I'm too old for this stuff but I really don't care! :)  (the vegans might get mad too, yikes!)

Thought I'd start the weekend off with a nice nature photo for ya! Here's a beach shot I took in the Santa Barbara area, where I am going next weekend~WOO HOO!

See the cute pelican in the middle? He was so patient, just standing there 10 feet away letting me take his portrait. I didn't even see him at first because he blended in with the rocks. (click the photo to see it larger...)

Laugh A LOT (at yourself, or even me and my stupid shirt if you must) and have a very happy fun weekend!


  1. That is one cool shirt.

  2. That's a great shirt. I can also see an alternate shirt labeled "CARBIVORE" with a picture of soda and french fries on the front.

    Perhaps the carbivore title should be placed around the mid-section and appropriately spaced to accomodate an expanding
    "C A R B I V O R E"

  3. Hi Mark! Thanks! I thought it was pretty awesome! I'm wearing it today so let's see if anyone else likes it! Or if I get assaulted by a vegan? :)

    Hi Andy! Haha! I like that idea! Although in some cases I think the "carbivore" would have to be on the rear like those stupid sweatpants that everyone was wearing a while back with "juicy" on the ass!!! Hehe!

    Have a great day!

  4. You're cute enough to pull off a dinosaur shirt! I can't believe I'm going to miss you in SB but have a great time! I love pelicans, they are so funny.

  5. Thanks Carrie! You are too sweet! :)
    Pelicans are funny and cool huh?
    We will miss you in SB!

  6. I like it.
    the shirt looks good on you

    Have a nice weekend


  7. Thanks John! You have a great weekend too!

  8. Very cool T shirt! Where did you find it? I want one!

  9. Ah - Forever21! :) They might have it online if you don't have one near you? Stuff usually runs a bit small as it is mostly meant for teens, but a small usually fits me since I'm super short.

    Have a good day!

  10. Grrrr....from one of your vegans. Just kiddin' it's super cute. I want a herbivore one and I love Andy's Carbivore idea...he should DO IT!

    Miss you doll! Shelly

  11. Hi Shelly,
    Let's find you one with a brontosaurus that says "herbivore"!!! In fact, if I find it I'm getting one too. I'll pretty much take anything with a dinosaur on it! hehe!

    Love and kisses to you!