Saturday, November 28, 2009

Odds n Ends

Hi y'all! How is everyone? Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

Here's a dish I made for the big meal that turned out yummy. Cubed butternut squash sprinkled with olive oil, salt, garam masala, cinnamon, red pepper and cumin then broiled in the oven. After it was softened and browned, I tossed in some cilantro, lime juice and pomegranate seeds. Made a pretty and tasty dish!
Oh I had such a great time on vacation  - lots of fun with old and new friends. A little party time, a little beach time, a little nature time. All in all a great trip!

The beach was lovely, but the highlight of the trip was the fantastic people we met. I love love love meeting cool new people, and Miami was filled with friendly international travelers ready for fun! We hung out with people from Chile, Italy, Las Vegas, Denmark, London, Netherlands, San Francisco, Mexico, etc etc. It was great!

I know some of you also took trips over the holiday week - did you have a good time?

Have a wonderful weekend! I missed you my friends! xoxo


  1. Nice pics. Never tried the butternut with cilantro, but I may soon. Glad you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Andy! Thank you! Try it, it's tasty, especially with a squeeze of lime! :)