Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Devil-ish eggs

I wrote a while ago that I don't like hardboiled eggs. That got me thinking...I also believed that I didn't like mayonnaise but when I made it myself (esp into aioli) I liked it much more! I realized that I just don't like store-bought mayo.  Maybe I need to rethink my assertions...

So I decided to go crazy and make some deviled eggs, or my take on them, to see if perhaps I do like them?

As the regular deviled egg recipe never did it for me, I decided to murder it and make up my own recipe. But first off, I learned that when I made hardboiled eggs in the past I cooked them way too long. I guess only a few minutes is necessary, rather than the 10+ I was usually boiling them.

After boiling the eggs, letting them cool and then peeling them, I sliced them in half and removed the yolks. I mixed the yolks with homemade mayo, paprika, red pepper flakes, some bacon pieces and lemon juice - then dolloped the mix back into the firm whites. (sorry about the crappy pic)

Topped with chopped cilantro, these devilish eggs make a great snack or a meal along with a salad.Yum yum! I see endless flavor possibilities for these eggs. You could make curry spiced eggs, pesto flavored eggs, harissa eggs, jalapeno cilantro lime eggs...the options are limitless.

I am still not the biggest hardboiled egg fan, but adding spices and flavors makes them a lot more exciting! Trivia...did you know that another name for deviled eggs is "eggs mimosa" - from the french. Ooh I like that! These would go wonderfully with a mimosa! :)

By the way, you do buy free-range eggs right? I am lucky to get mine at the farmer's market and I never go back to grocery store eggs if I can help it. The free-range ones taste soooo much better and have more nutrients, not to mention the obvious benefits to the chickens.

Ta ta for now!

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