Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bison bacon stirfry

I've been really into these one pan dishes lately. They are just very winter satisfying for some reason.

This one was a random combination of chopped bacon, onion, hedgehog mushrooms, kale, garlic and ground bison. Very tasty!

I got all the ingredients, other than the bacon, at the farmer's market. Here are some photos of the wonderful mushrooms for sale. YUM!

Expensive, but worth it! These wild mushrooms add a lot of flavor to dishes. I love them!

Am I boring you yet! :)


  1. Bacon should be considered as one of the necessary staples in anyone's diet. Plus onions and bison. wow. Sounds good. And I wish NH had that variety of farmer's market fare. But the ground hog just saw his shadow which means 12 more weeks of winter here.

  2. Hi Andy! I agree! I call bacon the "staff of life" haha! Enjoy the snowy winter in NH, I am sure it is cold but lovely! It'll be spring before you know it. :)