Thursday, February 11, 2010

What to do with that chicken

Hi guys! Just wanted to show you that you can get several meals with slight variations from leftovers! The other night I made a roasted chicken. When I first get that delicious chicken out of the oven, the first thing I go for is the skin. It really is tastiest right out of the oven rather than reheated the next day. So then for future meals I am left with a lot of chicken meat, which can be rather plain and boring.

So I shred it up and make several meals out of it! (and use the bones for stock of course!)

First one was shredded chicken sauteed with onions and garlic. I served it with some chopped romaine, cilantro, and more guacamole.

Next meal(s) was my spicy chicken soup. Oh man, this soup is so good! For my recipe, click here.

The same ingredients are used in all these dishes: chicken, cilantro, avocado - but combined in different ways to keep things exciting.

I had an adventure recently resulting in 7 stitches in my face! I get them out today and I am happy about that! It will be nice to be able to smile and laugh without a ripping sensation - haha! You never really know how automatic and uncontrollable smiling/laughing is until you have a big cut on your lip! :)

I hope you all are doing great! It's almost the weekend! Yay!


  1. That chicken soup looks like it would do my nasty cold some real damage.

    Sorry to hear about the stitches. Glad to hear you are doing well:)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. That chicken soup looks amazing. Where do you buy your chilies?

    Good luck with the stitches. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt.


  3. Hi Primal Mama! Sorry about your cold! This soup is amazing for a cold...spicy and healthy, it'll clear out those sinuses! Feel better soon!

    Carrie my dear, I usually buy my dried chiles at the Mexican grocery store near my house. (they have the freshest and best selection) When I go I buy a TON, because I go through them quickly. I can always get you some too - just let me know! :) My fav is anchos.
    I'm nervous about the stitches today. I think the ones in my lip are gonna hurt!!! eek!