Tuesday, March 9, 2010



I stopped by the Korean grocery this weekend because they have great prices on mushrooms. My mom loves their huge portabellos. They did not happen to have portobellos in stock, so I picked up some different kinds for her and for myself.

Pictured below are oyster mushrooms, maitake mushrooms and white beech mushrooms. I think this whole pile of mushrooms cost me less than $5. WOW!

According to Wikipedia, research has shown that maitake mushrooms have a hypoglycemic effect, and may be beneficial for the management of diabetes. Interesting!

I cooked up some of the oyster mushrooms and maitake mushrooms with some garlic, greens and herbs and scrambled them into eggs for a tasty breakfast!

I have been enjoying mushrooms a lot lately. In my opinion they are just a great wintery food!

Do you like mushrooms? What is your favorite way to prepare and eat them?

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