Monday, March 1, 2010

A couple meals from the weekend

Happy Monday and Happy March everyone!

I stuck around home this weekend, went to the farmer's market and cooked up a bunch of tasty meals. I figured I'd share with you...

Nothing beats enjoying breakfast outdoors in the sunshine, right? A cup of chai tea, some scrambled eggs with hedgehog mushrooms and greens...and some intellectual reading material!

For dinner one night I made some little bison patties and sauteed a whole mess of onions with some kale. Baked some sweet potato wedges to go along with it. So yummy!

How was everyone's weekend? Do anything exciting?


  1. Looks good. I found a recipe for lamp patties the other day that I can't wait to make. I'll let you know how that goes.

    My weekend? I was shoveling snow and then was in BEAUTIFUL Newark, NJ yesterday. It sucks that when people from out of town land in NJ the first thing they see is Newark. Newark is not exactly a very good first impression.

    Your weekend sounded relaxing.


  2. Looks good. I actually made a bacon meatloaf for a friend who's asked for the recipe so he can impress a lady. Hah. I guess that's a complement on my cooking.

  3. Hi Dan! Shoveling snow eh? Sounds COLD! :) Let me know how your lamb patties turn out - you know I am a lamb maniac! :)

    haha Andy! I love it! So tell me, did he impress the lady with your meatloaf? There's nothing better than a guy trying to cook to impress you! :)