Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thai green curry pork

I picked up some ground pork from Rocky Canyon at the farmer's market this weekend and thought I'd make some pork patties for dinner. Of course since I like everything to be really  flavorful, I pondered my options with the ingredients I had lurking in my kitchen.

Thai green curry sounded good, so I thought I could mix in some curry paste (Mae Ploy) in with the meat to make savory patties.

Since I like things hot, I mixed in quite a bit. That was a mistake. The pork patties turned out really tasty but too salty. Next time I'd use a bit less paste and add some chopped serranos and garlic to the meat as well.

Alongside I made a simple salad of chopped romaine and cilantro. The dressing was lime juice, a bit of curry paste, and jalapeno-lemon olive oil. That was yummy! I had some leftover roasted poblano so I chopped that up and threw it on the plate too.

Have a fantabulous day!


  1. The dressing sounds delicious. I would have probably added some lemon zest and a little garlic.

  2. Looks great. I never think to prepare pork patties, probably because I rarely by ground pork.

    I grilled up some lamb patties the other day with chopped mint and a sliver of feta instead. They were out of this world.


  3. Double post, woops. Funny, it said my first post didn't go through. I had to try and remember what I typed the best I could. LOL.

  4. Hi Lisa! Thanks for your comment! Lemon zest and garlic sound like great additions! :)

    Dan! Thanks for the triple post! hehe! Mint and feta and pork sounds awesome!!! Even better with lamb I bet! (you know I am a lamb addict)

    Have a great day! :)

  5. Oh my!!What a delicious food, watching that food makes me hungry. Hoping that you are going to share the recipe.