Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dairy and Coughing

I made myself into a weird little science experiment last week.

Did any of you get that killer flu that was going around this winter? The one that makes you feel like absolute crap for a week and then you still keep coughing and snotting for another week or more?

Yes I got it and it was horrid.

I was sick as a dog for a week then the coughing, it never seemed to get better. It would be ok, but then I would bike around the city and be out in the cold air (it was 0 deg) and blammo! coughing would start again. It just wouldn't go away.

I tried being careful with what I ate. I didn't drink alcohol. I didn't drink coffee. I didn't stay out late or do anything fun. When that didn't work I tried going out and drinking beers. Nope. Still this annoying little cough that made my chest hurt. But I could tell it was just a cough, not bronchitis or anything needing meds.

A few friends were having the exact same experience. They were using prescription inhalers and taking codeine, but they weren't getting better either!

One day I realized that lately I had been trying to eat "healthier" by having a daily breakfast of yogurt with berries. It was yummy, and I felt that the micro-organisms and antioxidants would help me fight the cough. But wait, dairy and phlegm, isn't there some connection???

So to the internet I went a-searchin' but I found a-nuthin'. Yeah, some people said dairy increases congestion and some said no. The science basically said no, but I decided to quit the yogurt anyway.

Guess who stopped coughing the next day?

Coincidence? Placebo? I don't know. But I don't want to cough so I'll be avoiding yogurt at least until the weather warms up!

So instead of yogurt and fruit I've just been enjoying the fruit. Frozen and blended up with a sprinkle of homemade nutty granola on top. It's delish! Here's my bowl of frozen cherries, 1/2 banana, spinach, cashews, water with a bit of granola. My granola is made with spelt and oat flakes, nuts, flax seeds, and sweetened with applesauce. Yummo!

What about you? Do you have any experience with dairy and congestion?

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