Friday, April 12, 2013

Sweet Potato Salad

Oh I just made the yummiest salad and I had to share!

Yesterday I baked some sweet potatoes in the oven and today I ate them up!

Have you tried water sauteing or dry sauteing? It's not rocket science but it's kind of revolutionary.

Maybe you don't limit fat in your diet, or perhaps you do. One thing that is relatively agreed upon is that heating fats is not optimal. Some fats, like lard or coconut oil are better for cooking, but they might not fit the flavor profile you are going for in a dish. Enter water sauteing!

I find that it works really well for onions. I love cooked (especially browned) onions but I hate raw onions. To water saute the onions I just cut them up as usual, and toss them in a hot pan with a little water. Keep the flame at medium/low. As the water evaporates, they cook and then begin to brown. You have to watch them a bit to make sure your flame is not too high. Add water if they are browning too fast without cooking, or turn down the heat.

I add spices like cumin to give them an even earthier flavor when the water is all gone. The cumin also browns and adds more savory goodness. But don't let it burn!

After the onions were mostly done, I also added some red chili, pine nuts, a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of pimenton de la vera. Then I tossed in the cooked sweet potato slices and some flax seeds just to heat them up. I also made a quick lemon dressing inspired by Girl on Raw, but in a regular food processor so it was very chunky. Yum!

Topped some lettuce with the mix and gobbled it up!

Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

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