Monday, April 8, 2013

Vegan vs Paleo

Hi peeps! OK, it's been ages and ages but I am thinking of reviving this site. I don't think any of the 3 people who used to read my blabbering will ever check back here so I guess I am just starting all over again in the same space! :)

In a previous life this site was mostly paleo or primal eating focused. I still believe that the ancestral way of eating makes the most logical sense, but there are a few problems I have with the paleo diet as it seems to be getting more popular and some people are creating their own versions of it that seem pretty wacky.

As far as the healthiest diet goes, I'm torn between a vegan plant-centered diet and a paleo diet. The research really seems to go both ways, and each camp uses research and statistics to further their own ideas but I'm not 100% convinced that either one is right. One thing that I think the true paleo diet and a true plant-based diet agree upon is that plants (veggies and fruits) are good for us!

When I think about what a hunter-gatherer eats on a daily basis I am guessing it is not a breakfast of 3 eggs with bacon and a dinner of a huge steak with butter. I'm not saying that means it is unhealthy, but it does not seem NATURAL! So paleo proponents saying that eating lots of meat is healthy just seems illogical and unnatural. It might feel good and keep you full but arguing that it is an ancestral way of eating is just faulty, unless you are Inuit. And the whole tirade against grains and beans, I just am not convinced.

I've also been watching some films (Forks Over Knives, etc) and reading about vegan and nutritarian diets (Dr Fuhrman, vegan bloggers, raw foodists) that recommend huge amounts of fruits and vegetables, with no added oils or salt. In one way, it seems really natural, just lots of plants. But on the other hand, is it really natural for us to NEED to eat such huge quantities of veggies that we must use a high speed blender in order to mainline it all into our tummies at every meal? If so, then why wasn't I born with a Vitamix in my fat little paw?

But everyone is different and to each their own. To me it makes the most logical sense to follow a plant-centric, wholefoods (seasonal, local) diet and add a bit of meat, fish or fowl for nutrition and flavor.

That's not too difficult, is it? ;)

So in the future I plan to be sharing some of my recipes and meals and maybe talking about some of the research and reading I do. I hope someone will want to read it! (and discuss it in a nice way, I am open to your thoughts but haters with agendas aren't welcome here)


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