Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fillet of sole

I was craving fat so I decided to make some fish and veggies with a little butter sauce. It turned out delicious. Sorry the pic is not so lovely, but it was tasty!

I cooked up the zucchini in my aforementioned favorite fashion. Meanwhile I sauteed up some Dover Sole fillets in a small pan with olive oil. I had seasoned the fillets with red pepper flakes, salt and fresh thyme leaves from the garden. When the fish and zucchini had finished cooking I plated them then quickly sauteed some raw, pastured butter in the pan with some chopped garlic, more thyme and a squeeze of lemon. I poured this sauce over the fish and veggies. I threw in a couple of olives and the meal was ready.

It could have used some leafy greens/some more color, but I ran out of veggies. The farmer's market is tomorrow. But it was a filling and satisfying meal and hit the spot.

By the way, the local wild Dover Sole was UNBELIEVABLE!! So tender and moist and mild. I will be buying that again for sure!

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