Thursday, June 4, 2009


I've been trying to incorporate more "playful" and "primal" moves into my fitness routine. Yesterday after work I walked for about an hour and did some sprints at the local high school. Afterward I decided to do some balance moves so I practiced walking on some narrow retaining walls and jumping off of them. Then I thought I would do some hopping on one leg. I tried hopping up stairs. Well, that was a funny mistake....I fell on my face! Unfortunately, there are always teenage boys hanging around this high school playing basketball so I embarrassed myself in front of a gang of them. Oh well.

Hopping is hard! I have to practice that some more.

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  1. High school kids are the worst. I don't even like walking past a group of them hanging out in front of the mall, much less exercising in front of them. You're braver than I am!