Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Have any of you seen the movie "Avatar"? I saw it in 3D over the holidays with my brothers and Dad, and I really liked it.

But why am I talking about this here? What does it have to do with food? Not much! But the way the Na'vi scampered about in the forests reminded me a lot of the whole MovNat and primal movement concepts. Very cool! I found myself getting really antsy in my theater seat and wanting to go run through the woods or climb trees or jump on a giant pterodactyl's back and fly around...

OK now I am crazily rambling! But any of you see Avatar and have similar thoughts?


  1. No, but I sure want to. Did you find the 3D tiring though? I've done 3D IMAX movies that were <45min and found it pretty straining.

  2. I heard that Avatar is fantastic and even better in 3D. Going to have to try to see it while still at the IMAX.

  3. Hi Mark and Andy!

    The movie is a little long. I have to say at first the 3D really made me feel sick, but then I got used to it. I think it is worth seeing in 3D though or at least on the big screen.

    Have a great day guys! :)